Wednesday, April 16

Doing Business

How to React to a Work Crisis Without Freaking Out
Wednesday, April 16
Your venue falls through 72 hours before your biggest event of the year. You offended someone important. Your department’s funding has just been cut—significantly.
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Conference: Mauritius Lack of Qualified Managers, said Professor Porter
Wednesday, April 16
He readily admitted not knowing enough Mauritian context. But what Michael Porter had to say about the country will certainly sobering policymakers, including the President of the Republic Kailash Yage, many among the audience. That was Wednesday, April 2, at J & J Auditorium , at a conference on the theme "Strategy and Competition."
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UoM: New Allegations of Plagiarism
Sunday, April 13
After the case Romeela Mohee , pro vice-chancellor of the University of Mauritius (UoM), here's an anonymous letter containing allegations against other lecturers about an article "plagiarized" flows through this institution . But those affected laugh.
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