Wednesday, April 23


Most Sherpa Guides Depart from Mount Everest After Deadliest Disaster
Wednesday, April 23
KATMANDU, Nepal - Most Sherpa mountain guides have decided to leave Mount Everest, a guide said, confirming a walkout certain to disrupt a climbing season that was already marked by grief over the lives lost last week in Everest's deadliest disaster.
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Doing Business

What To Do When Someone Takes Credit for Your Work
Wednesday, April 23
Managers love to extol the virtues of a team mentality. I can’t count how many schlocky motivational posters I’ve seen emblazoned on middle management walls (or fabric-covered cubicle dividers, as the case may be) over the years, all claiming that teamwork is pretty much the solution to everything.
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Enquête sur l’Achat de Stents: un Cadre de la Santé Interdit de ses Fonctions
Wednesday, April 23
Y a-t-il eu maldonne dans le cadre d’allocation de contrats pour l’achat de stents cardiaques par les hôpitaux ? Le ministère la Santé a ouvert une enquête interne après plusieurs plaintes reçues de soumissionnaires.
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Absenteeism in Q2: Teachers Want Legislation
Wednesday, April 23
It is a fact that classrooms SC and HSC remain virtually empty for several years. Teachers in state schools want the Department of Education requires attendance rate.
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