March 21, 2013

Public Sector, PRB: The Exception Report "On Target"

The commission established by the government after the publication of the wage Pay Research Bureau (PRB) for the public and parastatal body is currently finalizing preparations prior to the submission of the report to GM.

Despite his various commitments on other priorities, including the National Energy Commission or the Visitorship at the University of Mauritius, the President of the Commission abnormalities, Dev Manraj, is adamant about compliance deadline imposed by the the Council of Ministers at the end of last year.

"The commission on pay anomalies arising from the report of the PRB is on target. We will submit our recommendations to the government on the date of Friday, March 29, as expected from the beginning. At this stage we do not envisage any postponement of this deadline, "confirmed this morning Mauritian Dev Manraj, whose assessors Ruhee Dev, former chief of staff in the public and Khemil Gobin, a consultant in the private management human resources.

Duplication of information made by the Mauritian from authorized sources indicate that the main stages, including the assessment of the cost of the implementation of the salary recommendations have already been fastened. Very little information is available regarding the supplementary budget that will reallocate Ministry of Finance for this purpose.

"We had working sessions with the Ministry of Finance. We agreed on the parameters regarding the cost of the report on anomalies and Omissions PRB, "said Dev Manraj, without wanting to venture a guess for the average salary revision, then the most optimistic in the Public Service calculation concerning a revision of the order of 30% by including the PRB. None of the sources contacted by The Mauritian would confirm this detail.

The Committee discussed Manraj for some time the report drafting stage, which has reached an advanced stage. Recent consultations focus on the section on officials of the Rodrigues Regional Assembly. Both unions of the island, the Rodrigues Government Employees Association (RGEA) and Rodrigues Public Service Workers Unions (RSPWU), both part of the Federation of Public Sector Unions (FSSP), chaired by Rashid Imrith had rejected Toto in the PRB report at the end of last year.

While in Mauritius, unions of Public dithered about the fate to be reserved to the report of the PRB, the leaders of the RGEA RPSWU and took the lead to burn Aujayeb report. The main demand of unions Rodrigues, who make common cause with the Management of the Regional Assembly is the report of the PRB provides no structure within the public to lay the foundations of autonomy in respect of the specific of the island.

In order to address this major gap in the regional government of Rodrigues, the Committee Manraj, who visited Rodrigues in the context of broad consultations with unions, received earlier this week once again representatives of Administration and unions on the island for a new round of talks.

In this working session, the ARR was represented by the Chief Secretary Denis Island Hong Wye, the RGEA by its president Alain Tolbize the RPSWU by his secretary Florence François and the MSDS by Rashid Imrith. The main demands to advance the autonomy of Rodrigues in the Republic have been clarified and the Committee Manraj account solicit additional information at a final meeting convened tomorrow morning with the President of the FSSP.

Part Rodrigues, who is satisfied with the home that has been reserved by omissions and anomalies Commission prefers to wait for the publication of the guidelines before making comments.

Under the work schedule adopted, the Committee will provide the Manraj Prime Minister's Office on Friday 29 report In Original salary recommendations. But the question that arises is whether the Council of Ministers of the same day take note of the content of the report Manraj or if a special meeting of the Cabinet will be convened in the first week of April to make it public. Until then, the suspense will be needed to staff the public and semi-public bodies, especially those at the bottom of the ladder ...


Text by Le Mauricien

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