Job Search Skills

January 01, 2014 - March 01, 2014
Organized by: Open University Of Mauritius
Entrance is: 2200 Rs
Document you will get: Certificate
Contacts: (230) 4038200
When you're seeking employment, your soft skills (people skills) can be as important as the hard skills that are required to achieve success on the job.

This 20-hour self-study course is designed for SC/HSC school leavers as well as prospective job seekers. This course aims to give an exposure to basic job search skills. They will be able to discover their skills and interests through a number of activities. This will help them to choose jobs which are better suited for them.

Course duration: 2 months 

Total study time: 20 hours

Course outline: 

  • What is the job of your dream
  • What is important about a job for you
  • Finding out about your skills
  • Looking at your interests
  • Bringing your interests and skills together
  • Writing your CV
  • Writing your covering letter
  • The interview


Application from 18 of November 2013 to 02 of December 2013

Details (Open University Of Mauritius site)