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Playing Snake on the Nokia 3310
Monday, February 27
A funny thing is happening at this year’s Mobile World Congress: a show defined by its future-facing announcements and innovations essentially ground to a halt to gawk at Nokia rewinding the clock a decade and a half with its launch of the Nokia 3310.
Robots that take people's jobs should pay taxes, says Bill Gates
Thursday, February 23
ill Gates has called for a tax on robots to make up for lost taxes from workers whose jobs are destroyed by automation.
Après intervention de la Competition Commission : CIM Finance devra revoir son tarif imposé aux petits commerçants
Tuesday, January 31
Elle imposait deux types de tarifs aux commerçants traitant avec elle.
Les résultats du HSC attendus le 3 Février
Thursday, January 19
Il est prévu que les résultats du Higher School Certificate (HSC) soient dévoilés le vendredi 3 février.

IT & Technologies

Tinder Online is a new web version of the dating app
Thursday, March 30
Tinder is today introducing a new way for users to access the platform with the launch of Tinder Online, a web-optimized version of the dating app so people can Tinder at their desktops.
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Signature d’accord: l’État déboursera plus de Rs 300 M pour améliorer les affaires
Wednesday, February 15
Rs 360 millions. C’est la somme que coûtera à l’État un projet visant à améliorer le climat des affaires et à encourager l’investissement. Le ministère des Finances bénéficiera de l’aide financière de l’Union européenne (UE), qui assurera une subvention de 7 millions d’euros, soit Rs 270 millions.
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Personal Effectiveness

5 Things a Hiring Manager's Probably Thinking During Your Interview (and What to Do About It)
Monday, November 07
Whether you’ve interviewed over one million times or can count on one hand how many times you’ve been face-to-face with a hiring manager, the process is always stressful.
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How to Pitch Yourself as an Expert to the Media
Thursday, November 07
A friend of mine recently called and said she was about to draft a pitch promoting herself as a food expert to several broadcast outlets. She asked if I would take a look once she was done. Several days later, her email popped up. The subject? “This feels so weird.”
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Travailleurs Etrangers : Un Mal Nécessaire pour Notre Economie ?
Friday, April 17
Beaucoup d’interrogations ont surgi après la grève des 1 300 ouvrières bangladaises de la Compagnie mauricienne de textile (CMT), le 1er avril dernier.
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