Humor Mauritius 2013

November 08, 2013 - November 09, 2013
Moka, Mahatma Gandhi Institute (MGI)
Entrance is: 200 Rs
Rendez-vous annuel qu’un public fidèle ne manquerait pour rien, le spectacle Humour Mauricien 2013 est prévu pour les 8 et 9 novembre sur la scène du Mahatma Gandhi Institute (MGI) à Moka. Ils seront au total 22 comédiens, avec des habitués mais aussi de nouvelles têtes.

Mauritian Humor 2013 will be unveiled at two representations of two hours and thirty minutes to MGI. The objective of the organizers and of course the comedy is laugh inspired by the news and through the company, all in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. Because, as so aptly Poonoosamy Rama: "Laughter is a global humanitarian and language." A feeling of satisfaction accompanies it since the launch of this initiative there has it 18 years and has allowed many comedians, who have worked with him over the years to grow and make themselves known. "I am proud of the seed that was sown by us and has reported results. What better than to have participated in my way and see the art evolve. It is a beautiful show and especially the recognition of the work done. The public always responds present at every show and we also see upcoming new audiences every time. "


 Tickets for the show Humor Mauritius 2013 will be on sale from October 21, 2013 at Otayo (466 9999) and Immedia (208 1030) 

  • Orchestre First Rs 250 
  • Orchestra Second  Rs 150  
  • Balcony Rs 200