CSO Mauritius: water & energy statistics for 2010

11 years, 11 months ago - June 15, 2011
The Central Statistics Office (CSO) released figures on energy and water statistics for 2010

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) released figures on energy and water statistics for 2010 on Tuesday.

The total primary energy requirement increased from 1,347 ktoe in 2009 to 1,425 ktoe in 2010 and represented a rise of 5.8 per cent. Out of which, imported fuels (petroleum products and coal) accounted for 83 per cent while the local sources energy supplied the rest.

The total energy for local production went up by 2.5 per cent from 236 ktoe in 2009 to 242 ktoe in 2010.

This is due to an increase in electricity produced from bagasse which reached 225 ktoe compared to 218 ktoe in 2009.

The Independent Power Producers (IPPs) supplied 59.1% of the total electricity generated while the Central Electricity Board (CEB) provided the remaining 40.9%.

In terms of water resources, the mean amount of rainfall recorded in the island was 1,806 mm in 2010. While in 2009, it stood at 2,397 mm and it represents a decrease of 24.7 per cent . In 2010, the total volume of potable water treated by several plants amounted to 223 million cubic metres and increased by 1.4 per cent in relation to 220 cubic metres recorded in 2009.

During the same year, average water production from surface and borehole water represented 48.8% and 51.2% respectively.

The total volume of water sold increased from 110.3 cubic millimeters in 2009 to 115.0 cubic millimeters in 2010. In the same period, potable water accounted for 87.2 per cent of water sold and water for domestic purposes represented 66.5 per cent of revenue.

The amount of revenue collectible from the sale of water for the year 2010 was Rs 1035.8 million, that is a rise of 3.7% over the amount of Rs 998.8 million collected in 2009.

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