The MCB Adopts Oracle Flexcube to Facilitate Internet and Mobile Phone Banking

12 years, 1 month ago - May 03, 2012
The MCB Adopts Oracle Flexcube
The Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB), the largest banking institution in the country, has installed the Oracle Flexcube which can provide a banking service via the Internet and mobile phones.

These services already exist, but they will perform better with Oracle Flexcube. About 96% of MCB clients already use the Internet or mobile phones to access banking services of the oldest banking institution in the country.

Since installing the new system, the group MCB reported a 24% increase in individual transactions and 29% at company level.

With the new platform, customers can 'top up'leur laptop more easily self-register for mobile banking services and access their investment portfolio from their mobile phone.

With Oracle Flexcube, the MCB has power to extend its customer base to other countries in the region without great expense of implementation, a network of branch, for example. She also hopes to reduce its labor costs and operating.

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