Rating: Six Departments Post Their “Balance Sheets”

7 years ago - April 21, 2014
As part of the assessment of Ministers by the editors of The Sentinel , Lexpress invited various ministries to submit their balance sheets since June 2013 (date of the last evaluation), to give them, as it should be also possible defend their achievements.

At the deadline Friday, March 21, Lexpress received two batches. We thank these departments, including the Ministry of Environment and education than for their contribution in time, which is to their credit and hopefully others will do the same during the next assessment of departmental performance. Four more lists were received after the deadline, or those of the Department of Civil Service, Foreign Affairs, Enterprise and Cooperatives and the Ministry of Health. To avoid any doubt, specify that sending any latecomer will be welcome, but will not necessarily be published now.

Environment and Sustainable Development

Journalists received a seven-page document from the Ministry of Environment, dated 19 March 2014. It does contain some useful information, but is generally too anchored to the publication of several documents (strategic or otherwise).

So, do you remember that one of the most important achievements of the Ministry in 2013 was the publication of a document on the policy, the ten-year strategy and action plan of the project three years Maurice île Durable (MID ). As this document defines the means to achieve energy independence, ensure the protection of both terrestrial and marine biodiversity, manage waste, protect the environment and in particular the air quality was rather tend to agree that this is a realization lighthouse. Other publications during the period:

  • The National Climate Change Adaptation Policy Framework
  • The Technology Needs Assessment Report
  • Training manual for Youth on Climate change
  • Booklet entitled "Toolkit: 111 shares for Youth to Fight climate change "
  • Communication plan and education: "Climate change Information, Education and Communication Strategy and Action Plan "
  • Launch of a booklet for children Standard IV on how to protect coastal areas

This ministry is far from being the biggest, but it still weighs heavier than ten departments the budget (those Fishing, Youth & Sports, Arts and Culture, Labour & Industrial Relations, the Attorney General, Social Integration, Cooperatives, the Reform of the Civil Service and even tourism (Rs 524 million) and Industry -. Commerce (Rs 250 million) In fact, the department employs 859 people (including 61 Gangmen recently upgraded under ... Leading hands ) spend Rs 547 million in 2014, more than the legal (Rs 495 million) and just under the Ministry of Gender (Rs 620 million), the Department of Housing (Rs 738 million), the Department of Information Technology and Communication (Rs 822 million) or prisons ... (Rs 837 million). Besides publishing achievements of the ministry between 2013 and 2014 include :

  • 20,000 families have benefited from the subsidy of Rs 10,000 for a solar water heater (Rs 200 million from the MID Fund )
  • 12,000 composting bins were distributed (Rs 13 milllion of MID Fund ) and 10 000 new units are "consideration".
  • 55 school organizations (including 42 schools of the Catholic Education Office) received grants of Rs 38 million to install photo voltaic panels
  • Rs 33 million were spent to restore beaches Poudre d'Or and Grand Baie. Similar work to the beaches of HERG, Four Sisters, Baie-du-Cap and Bain-Boeuf are being
  • Plans for the beaches of Le Morne and La Prairie have been received and are estimated at Rs 150 million
  • 30,000 medicinal plants and 20,000 decorative plants were distributed as part of Clean & Green Mauritius.
  • Various training and awareness campaigns were held
  • Was held the inauguration of a Climate Change Information Centre which is connected on-line with the World Meteorological Organization and NASA
  • There has been strengthening the Mon-Choisy beach and Rivière-des-Rollers
  • Was created a nursery 20,000 mangroves to halt erosion at Grand Sable and Four Sisters.

Finally, note that the Environmental Police conducted 3,000 operations in 2013, 883 tickets being established for illegal dumping of waste, 450 for various other offenses Road Traffic Ordinance, 396 for defective muffler on vehicles and 227 for driving fumigants vehicles.

This ministry is important for the future of the country. What is the taxpayer's money with almost Rs 550 million annual expenditure? The question remains.


Fairs and ready to boost SMEs

The balance of the Ministry of Enterprise and Cooperatives covers the period from June 2013 to March 2014 Among the concrete measures, note for SMEs.:

  • The creation of a "free basic web Site" for SMEs.
  • The organization SMEDA four local fairs for 31 SMEs. However, it is not clear whether some are present a more fair, or what concrete results on sales beyond a brief comment that they have risen "order from 10 to 20% " . Revenues for the quarter comparable before and after would have been more informative, since 20% increase on a weak base does not lead far.
  • The organization of participations in 37 fairs SMEs abroad between January and October 2013 ( EMS Refund Scheme ), 232 companies received $ 13.5 million disbursed Rs. No follow-up on the impact of these shows either, which does not allow to assess whether they were actually useful. Yet SMEDA has a statistical unit.
  • Finalizing a measure of Budget 2014 described as " revolutionary "and promises to micro and small entrepreneurs (realizing a turnover of less than Rs 10 million) of loans without collateral with banks. Since the government guarantees 70% of any loss, it can be argued, however that the negotiations will not be as simple than estimated.
  • Continued SME Financing Scheme which has seen commercial banks disburse about Rs 2.6 billion from December 2011 to January 2014, which is still pretty impressive that there are no additional parameters available, style value added created , rate 'default' on loans etc ..., to judge the true impact of scheme.
  • A second industrial park (40 units) was delivered at La Tour Koenig in August 2013.
  • Launch of a brochure explaining "Assistance Schemes to SMEs and facilities " (16.12.2013).The booklet is comprehensive, but it is assumed that the potential contractor can be found in English (CD Creole would be more effective radiation?)

 Note (although it covers much more than the period requested) the Mauritius Business Growth Scheme  (MBGS) operates a Start Up  Entrepreneurship Scheme which provides a monthly salary for one year, to innovative entrepreneurs, while their business takes off. The criteria for approval of such a file as well as the disbursement of public money are not known, but in October 2013, when 802 applications were received, only 207 were approved. Perhaps even more worrying for this project, however well intentioned, Rs 221.6 million in disbursements were approved, but only Rs 90.5 million disbursed.

Finally in SMEs include (there is no reference frequency and at the hearing convened), plus 24 training courses provided, and an attempt to coordinate existing bureaucracies; SMEDA, the National Women Entrepreneurs Council , the National Institute for Cooperative Entrepreneurship, the Enterprise Mauritius, the DBM and NPCC has established a coordinating committee to provide assistance "more synchronized to the contractor" . Journalists bet that this committee will not call into question existing structures.

As for the cooperative sector, it celebrated its 100th anniversary in July 2013 celebrating the following milestones: turnover of Rs 5.5 billion, 120,000 members, 1,021 cooperative societies and more than 31 000 direct jobs, which is pretty impressive.

Among the concrete initiatives:

  • The "Excellence Awards" for the cooperative movement, divided into 13 categories.
  • Three financial assistance plans, developed in collaboration with the Mauritius Post
  • & Cooperative Bank . Loans are Rs 100,000 each.
  • The implementation of some new ideas: Fair Trade, Just in Time, Dual Control etc ... that would improve the performance of cooperative societies.
  • The fish festival on 29 and 30 March, an initiative that will now be annual.
  • The production of smoked fish as a product "terroir", the Trou d'Eau Douce Fishermen Cooperative Society .
  • The use of a solar dryer by Lyons Fishermen Cooperative Society Mahebourg to dry fish and make the brining of fruits and vegetables. This department will cost the country Rs 171 million in 2014. This is the smallest departments. However, it spends more than the office of the presidency (Rs 52.8 million), the audit office (Rs 122.2 million), the PSC (Rs 62.8 million), subsidies to religions expenditure ( Rs 74.6 million), the Government Information Service (Rs 54.6 million), the Office of Vital Statistics (Rs 71.3 million), the Attorney General (Rs 167.9 million) or the printer government (Rs 140.5 million).


Campus to accommodate more foreign students

The Ministry of Higher Education has sent Lexpress a document well presented, aesthetically speaking. However, contrary to instructions which called departments to talk about their record since June 2013, when the last assessment of Ministers by journalists express this document covering the period 2010 -. 2013 This suggested a priori that it was made for a purpose other than to inform readers of the Express over the period of the last nine months.

Thus, it should be noted that we identified in this mailing, 53 subjects actually referring to the period before June 2013! In addition, 26 other items mentioned as "achievements" are also, potentially, this time we do not aim because the dates are not specified. They were therefore discarded. It is not presumptuous of us to insist that the Ministry did not respond to the question, that is to say, to take stock since June 2013, was penalized- unreasonably. Journalists do not know who is responsible, but those who are responsible have not had to hold a first lesson examinations which they have been submitted in the past: " Take your  time to Understand the issue  and answer it Precisely ! "

The last nine months, in March 2014, we have therefore:

  • The creation of a strategy document for the sector of Higher Education (August 2013). It aims to democratize access to higher education and professional development of 68,000 students until 2025. To do this, the ministry says it wants to ensure the relevance of these educational programs to social and economic needs of the country and the region is strong and the " accounting achieve high quality standards" and "Improve the ranking of tertiary education institutions in Mauritius " . What a program! In addition, the objective is to transform Mauritius into a " premium destination for higher learning "to strengthen our national research capacity and creativity to realize an institutional structure that is both effective and financially reliable.
  • On the legislative front, 2013 has seen the start of the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC)(control of misleading advertisements) Regulations 2013  and amendments to the Tertiary Education Commission ( via the Economic and Financial Measures Miscellaneous Act 2013 ) to increase penalties imposed for various offenses..
  • The construction of three modern campuses in Montagne-Blanche (50 acres), Pamplemousses (50 acres) and Reduit (27 acres) began in 2014 and should be completed in 2015, providing 8,000 more seats. The Education Village of Medina was born in 2013.
  • The three-year loans (maximum of Rs 100,000 per year) to finance university low interest rate and without collateral amounted to Rs 145 million in January 2014. Beyond amounts lent and since s 'is public money, it can also be useful to know whether these loans would reimburse or not. Statistics would be welcome.
  • The number of foreign students has tripled to 1,834 in 2013. Estimates of Board of Investment, each foreign student spends an average of Rs 25,000 per month, we can extrapolate annual revenues of Rs 600 million. For it is important that the Department describes this sum of " considerable injection of funds for ... the economy, "which is breath-taking, the Ministry itself spending twice as much per year.
  • Audience higher education were held in octobre2013 with the assistance of the Quality Assurance Agency of Great Britain and  Council of Private Education of Singapore . A Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the TEC. Recommendations made, remember the virulent comments against the quality of the Internet were considered as a "show stopper" for our ambitions educational hub.
  • The Centre for Biomaterials & Biomedical Research (CBBR) of Dr Jhurry obtained in October 2013, the first ever South African patent obtained by Mauritius. It was a methodology for creating, from sucrose, a "amphiphillic graft colpolymer ".
  • The Mauritius Research Counci (MRC) has followed his research on wheat. The pilot study was a success and extensive research has been activated. In addition, studies to follow on the use of algae for human and animal consumption, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and medical use.
  • Business & Research Incubation Centre started in Curepipe with six pilot projects in 2013.
  • National Science Week was launched in 2013 and its exhibition visited ten regions involved 18,000 people.
  • In 2013, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed with the University of Geneva and the Government of Tanzania. In the latter case, the idea being the mutual recognition of diplomas, among others. Another MoU between IIT New Delhi and the MRC promises IIT campus in Mauritius (the first outside India) in ... 2019!

The Department has also been at the center of the news these past few months for other reasons that the document provided is not explicit. This ministry will spend Rs 1.17 billion in 2014 National Budget.


Specialty: signing of agreements and treaties

This department, which will spend close to Rs 946 million in 2014 (including Rs 561 million for missions abroad), we sent five pages of notes under eight headings. It employs about 330 people. But its activities are often very inconspicuous little controversial and difficult to measure from the point of view of the direct effect. All the more reason to ensure that our public money is well spent. Which a priori implies that there is no abuse of "political" appointments in our embassies and at least if they are inevitably made, we ensure that our representatives are then to height of their duties and do not make us ashamed!

Note, the balance sheet of 12 months to 30 March 2014 An agreement on visa exemption China for stays of less than 30 days, from August 2013 maintenance, after discussion, the visa waiver. for Mauritians traveling to Britain for tourism or business.

A public-private committee to coordinate the Mauritius Strategy in Africa, although it does not specify the number of meetings. Four agreements with Gabon. Double taxation treaties concluded with Gabon and Rwanda, while that with South Africa has been revised (better?) And an agreement will be signed soon probably with Ghana. Agreements with the Comoros and Seychelles frames, the Seychelles with a particular focus on the fight against crime, including money laundering and security, including piracy.

Starting the Mauritius Trade Portal giving access to practical information for foreign trade. Free trade agreement with Turkey (June 2013). Derogation from the European Union to export 2,000 tonnes of tuna more (April 2013).

Finalized two agreements with Saudi Arabia, including a Bilateral Air Services Agreement .Memorandum of understanding with Qatar and the United Arab Emirates on skilled labor. Bilateral agreement with Italy on circular migration, but no figures on actual usage. Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Mauritius and the University of Geneva to deploy a full six years' training in general medicine. Signing of a Tax Information Exchange Agreement with the United States as part of the entry into force of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (December 2013). Negotiations with Australia for circular migration and the United States for a bilateral investment treaty. Memorandum of Understanding with the World Intellectual Property Organization to accelerate the implementation of protocols required to protect intellectual property. A bill under consideration to establish a legal framework for the establishment of international organizations in Mauritius.

The former Chief Justice Bernard Sik Yuen was elected to the Committee for Elimination of Racial Discrimination and the African Committee on Human and People's Rights. Joseph Tsang Mang Kin joined the panel of eminent persons of Africa Peer Review. The High Commissioner for Human Rights United Nations chose Mauritius to hold its Interregional Seminar on the participation of small island states and developing the Council of Human Rights country.

Efforts continue on the sovereignty of Mauritius over the Chagos and Tromelin. And Mauritius, Madagascar active for the crisis, helped via the Commission of the Indian Ocean, to the tune of Rs 15 million to the organization of the last election.

Finally, consular services said they treated between 2000 and 3000 calls for special stays abroad and attended by more than thirty students in difficulty abroad. Fifty citizens who died abroad were repatriated through the good offices of the department.

How to measure the "value for money" in this ministry as that of others, remains a central issue for the country and its national productivity because obviously we need to improve our fiscal efficiency. Will it have any suggestions?


Cornerstone of the welfare state

This is one of the most important departments of the country because it employs 13 395 people in 2013, while its 2014 budget will reach Rs 8.811 billion. So it weighs more than pensions (Rs 6.8 billion) or police services (Rs 8.3 billion) and only public infrastructure (Rs 9.8 billion), social security (Rs 13, 7000000000), education (Rs 11.9 billion) and interest payments on debt (Rs 12.6 billion) cost more than this treasure public. It is a key ministry since 80% of the population can not, unless exceptional circumstances, have the choice to attend private health services, lack of means. So pillar of the welfare state, the health services of the department are both complex and often controversial issues, costly and unavoidable. For all these reasons, effective management of health services is capital. On may, among other things, whether the universal free access to all services should continue, or if a "service means clustering tested "does not allow to better serve the population in general.

Document of 23 pages that department sent:

  • Two new Health Centres to open Straws West (cited Mauvilac) and Holy Cross, which leads to a network of basic health 21 Area Health Centres (AHC), 117 Community Health Centres (CHC), three medi- clinics and two community Hospitals . Almost 3 million visits were made to these centers since June 2013. Note that only 40% of these visits result in a consultation with a doctor.
  • Two new dental clinics at CHC Pailles and Roches-Bois. It has also recorded E118 738 visits to dental clinics over the same period..
  • Publication of Planning & Demographic yearbook 2012 ... January 2014 and implementation of a National Sexual & Reproductive Health Strategy and Plan of Action 2009-2015. Note in this regard that the contraceptive prevalence rate of the population is 75.9% and the population grew by 0.2% in 2013.
  • More than 82% of the departmental budget is channelled to its hospitals and specialized services. We recorded more than 2.4 million visits to hospitals on the 12 months ended March 30, 1.1 million emergency department and accidents. In parallel, we recorded 35,476 surgeries including 5624 for the eyes and for the heart 555. In addition, 157 261 patients were admitted for treatment, 4,368 cases channelled to EMS and more than 4.1 million samples were analysed at the central laboratory.
  • Services endoscopy and chemotherapy are now extended to Nehru Jeetoo and hospitals.
  • The Department remains vigilant against infectious diseases imported (dengue, malaria, H1N1 ...). Who has not felt, at the cost of a little prick for a drop of blood on his return from a trip, reassured, impressed even, that it is dealt with effectively? The recent dengue alert in Triolet found forty cases. The reaction of the Department appears to have been effective since.
  • The Inspectorate of Health has also visited 66,305 buildings to ensure appropriate health standards, 3,100 of which have been blacklisted and 56 fined. In addition, 20,838 food rates were visited, of which 1635 received 431 improvement order, fined 90 and just closed. More than 113 tons of food unfit for consumption were seized / destroyed.
  • If the Environmental Health Engineering Unit suggests redundancy with the Ministry of Environment, has analysed for the eight months to February 2014, 160 permits fragmentation, 23 and 48 government projects Environmental  Impact Assesments . In addition, nearly 4,000 water samples were analyzed and 1,000 visits to businesses, hotels, restaurants and night clubs; noise is also one of their worries.
  • The Occupational Health Unit reviewed 7,239 employees in the private, 6,968 migrant workers and 1,008 officers of the Public Service over the period. Its purpose? Detect and counter the bad work caused medical conditions.
  • The department also cap the Dangerous Chemicals Control Board, who made 42 visits to storage units, 18 visits to factories and issued more than 800 permits for 2013.
  • The prevalence of HIV leading to AIDS in the age group 15-49 years, would she fallen in Mauritius 1.24% in 2011 to 1.10% in 2013. On average, 90,000 tests are performed annually to the Department of Virology and the number of cases detected per month fell from 50 to 21. These results are a series of measures rather impressive, at least to read. Without a complete picture of progress against the disease, it is difficult to say whether all diseases are declining ...

Expenditure of medical facilities include a budget Ders 938 million for 2014 (Rs 1,160 million in 2013) and note the delivery of medi-clinic Triolet, renovation / improvement of ward  8 and toilets Hospital Flacq and renovation of the intensive care at SSRN hospital. Expected in 2014, the delivery of the Phase III Jeetoo hospital operating theaters and  wards in Victoria and medi-clinic Goodlands.

Level of equipment and beyond about Rs 100 million expenditure on replacement equipment obsolete note:

  • CT scanner for Jeetoo (Rs 23 million), devices for angiography Victoria and Jeetoo (Rs 64 million) and being installed in Victoria (Rs 30 million), equipment and anesthesia Jeetoo Bharati (Rs 3.6 million), a mammography equipment (Rs 13 million), colonoscopes and gastroscopes to SSRN (Rs 10.6 million), an intra-aortic balloon pump for Cardiac Centre (Rs 5 million).

The Department acknowledges candidly that despite his efforts, service and repairs of service is still lacking. The diagnosis is the same: the suppliers are often just sales agency for foreign firms and there is only one Biomedical Engineer in the public service and recruiting others is impossible under current conditions. Presumably this body of specialized business was undervalued by the Pay Research Bureau , since it is proposed to upgrade the function. Hopefully the consequences of failure specialized medical devices are taken into account in this exercise and we therefore pay these specialized engineers as it should, that is to say, as required by the market!

The department is also undertaking several efforts at the training , research and education of the population. Several programs are coming. Include, among other achievements:

  • The recruitment of a consultant to prepare, with the assistance of the World Health Organization, a Master Plan on human resources needed in the future.
  • 132 new students in August 2013 for the national diploma in nursing level 5.'s " top-up program "six months was completed by 257 nurses in November 2013 (one page later, however, we are talking about 259 students completing these studies in November 2013 ...) and 223 others currently taking the same course. A two-year course on diabetes, the Mauritius Institute of Health , was held for 60 nursing officers on March 19.
  • Collaboration with the University of Bordeaux assured cumulatively training post graduate five paediatricians, six orthopaedic surgeons, six psychiatrists, six cardiologists, 11 internal medicine physicians, anaesthetists and eight six ophthalmologists.

In terms of institutional arrangements promising collaboration and support the medical plan, the ministry said 11 MoUs signed, including those with:

  • The University Hospital of Geneva for complex cases.
  • The University College London for cardiovascular disease, women's health and training.
  • The Al-Sifta Trust Eye Hospital , Pakistan, for complicated eye operations.
  •  The Institute Baker & Heart Melbourne for diabetes and non-communicable diseases in general.
  • The National Board of Examination in India for pre-registration of doctors and dentists exams before their accreditation by the Medical and Dental Council (is this consideration which was, in extremis, canceled 160 physicians, internal candidates this year on the grounds that the students had not been "warned"?)

Finally, in what is meant to be a ministry " focus at patient "and that is" affordable, equitable , innovative and efficient ", we also dealt with:

  • Decentralize HbA1c tests to the Regional Health  Laboratories.
  • Add new facilities to detect yellow fever, Rift  Valley and malaria, among others.
  • Provide injections of Herceptin to fight breast cancer and to counter Tenecteplase myocardial infarction and its effects.
  • Provide patients in the angioplasty stents specialized free.
  • Enable an automatic prioritization of patients ticket to Victoria.
  • Build a new modern storage area for drugs.
  • Continue two "punch" actions, in conjunction with the Mauritius Revenue Authority , to stop the importation of counterfeit drugs.
  • Establish committees to impose stricter controls on the sale of Ayurvedic products and various health supplements.
  • Allowing 155,077 dialysis sessions free are taught in 2013 to 787 patients in 265 hospitals and more patients in private clinics.

If life expectancy rose to 73.9 years in 2013 and the infant mortality rate dropped to 12.2 per thousand births (this rate has also declined steadily level 103.9 / 1,000 in 1950-1955 and 23.1 / 1,000 in 1985-1990), there is cause for satisfaction. However, should neither complacency nor relax its efforts, the quality of public health services could probably be improved much yet (we were, after all, according to the CIA, as 98th in the world in life expectancy 2014 - just behind the British front and the Maldives - and according to Wikipedia, 62nd in the world for infant mortality in 2005-2010). Any improvement at a price of course, suggesting attention at all times against the inefficient, the wasted, the hung and costly inconsistency, for example, of universal free health.


Better serve the public?

This ministry has given us a document of 13 pages (double spaced). It employed 757 people in 2013, 628 of which are committed under 304 budget code in the "Human Resource Management. " It will spend Rs 380 million in 2014.

Among the initiatives leading to a more efficient government service and public services better for citizens include:

  • The ISO certification has improved the systems and procedures in 36 units and divisions of various departments. These units are not listed, for example, in an annex, it is impossible to begin to gauge the true impact of this certification throughout the public service. ISO certification does touch xx% of civil servants? We would like to know and be able to locate!
  • The Public Service Excellence Award is now mandatory for all ministries and departments must submit at least one project per year. While this initiative may actually create "performance-oriented, responsive, customer-friendly and Accountable Public Service ", we would be better able to judge if they could access files participation in any year. Is this possible, if only in a spirit of transparency may lead to more progress?
  • The department also makes Mystery Shopping - a tool to measure the quality of service and integrity of employees - since 2007, which is commendable in itself. The key however is to measure the scale of improvements made after the report of "mystery shoppers. " That is to say, we must, in fact, recur ... The Department informed us that the mystery shopping was "successfully carried out " in five organizations. What are these organizations and what improvements should not fall within the ... mystery, anyway.
  • The ministry is also held to review the operations of some counters and counters that serve the general public. The initiative is laudable. Ten projects worth Rs 2 million were supported in the past 12 months. Once again, it would have been interesting to let the public know where to measure service improvements, if only to enjoy what we can expect, more generally, in the years to come. A brochure described as "user-friendly" was distributed in all departments to remind the basic practices that ensure a better service to the public-counter. It is a document a little cheesy, but if it is read and applied, it could be transformational, especially if the Gandhi quote * really assimilated! Among the institutional reforms include:
  • The start of a Reform Steering Council  (RSC), chaired by the Senior Chief Executive of the Department and consists of five (high) ministry representatives and three union representatives. The mission? " Reengineer the reform agenda of Government with a view to establishing a public service that is not only open (tiens !), flexible and responsive to the needs of the citizens but also one that does compromise the quality of life of public officers and individual aspirations. " Everything a program that can be seen, brave too, especially if the simple word "not" do s' is, ironically, eclipsed before the "compromised" ... But it is, let us note that the reform agenda itself yet. A Public Sector Re-Engineering Office, within the Ministry, which was, we thought stupidly, already the mission would be the implementation arm of the RSC.
  • The Performance Appraisal Form (PAF), considered more credible, will eventually replace (when) the Annual Confidential Report and attempt to link performance to the increment and promotion. The first phase is triggered, if we understand it, to review the PAF and procedures that go with it. Training is also provided to HR officers and managers of sections / divisions of all Ministries / Departments. Phase II is to establish a mechanism for moderation and appeal (good luck!), To establish a framework to assess and manage to propose systems to review the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders variety, to consider reward systems non-monetary and consider systems to measure the performance (and reward?) leaders.

This ministry also says that 2014 will be the year of the "digital revolution" of the public service through the HRMIS (Project HR Management Information System). In fact, six sections /organizations will be part of a pilot in October 2014 and the system will be extended to all public services until December 2016 transaction.

In addition, pending project of the College of Public Service, the Department provides or organizes several training courses for the public. It also manages Occupational Safety & Health Unit which audits and makes recommendations to improve the physical conditions of work. Thus, we learn, the ministry has funded projects:

  • Improve electrical installations Statistics Mauritius to the Assay Office, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the pathology unit at the Dr. AG Jeetoo hospital.
  • Provide adequate storage facilities for the Forensic Lab and the division of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • Ensure the installation of air conditioning in various hospitals (Nehru, Flacq, SSRN) units, the Ministry of Agro-industry, in positions of the National  Coast Guard and the Department of Equality genre.
  • Provide ergonomic chairs in the office of the presidency and the office of the electoral commission.
  • Combating the invasion of pigeons, rats and other pests representing dangers to the health of employees! Fire services, the National Archives, the Ministry of Education, hospitals, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure (!), The National Development Unit, the Public Service Commission of Citizens Advice Bureaus have benefited from the obvious expertise and the versatility of this Ministry in this regard.

Finally, beyond a stated objective to be more flexible and proactive to improve working environments, as above (how did we do before?), This department is safe audits of workplaces. We are told that these audits will reach 1,500 this year. It is unclear whether this is the figure of the year or the cumulative figure.


* A customer is the Most Important visitor on our premises

  • He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him
  • He is not an interruption of our work. Actually He is the purpose of it
  • He is not an outsider to our business. He is apart of it
  • We are not doing him a Favour by serving him. He is doing us a Favour by giving us an opportunity to do so ...

Mahatma Gandhi


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