Mauritius Post Ltd: Postal costs for parcels go from Rs 130 to Rs 40

8 months, 2 weeks ago - October 05, 2023
Postal costs for parcels go from Rs 130 to Rs 40
Reduction in postal costs for parcels from Rs 130 to Rs 40 and home delivery option based on the size of the parcel. These two measures from Mauritius Post Ltd came into force from October 1.

The announcement was made by the Minister of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation, Deepak Balgobin, during a press conference at the SICOM Tour Sicom in Ébène.

In the presence of the Chief Executive of the Mauritius Post Ltd, Vijaye Anand Ramchurn, ministry officials and representatives of the Mauritius Post Ltd, Minister Balgobin detailed a global strategic plan over ten years aimed at revitalizing the Mauritius Post.

The plan focuses on four fundamental pillars: an in-depth review of e-commerce marketing, operational re-engineering, financial improvements and human resource development. “These strategic measures are expected to produce benefits in the short, medium and long term, ultimately transforming Mauritius Post into a profitable business while providing improved services to the public. »

The minister also highlighted the ongoing digitalization and modernization efforts within the Mauritius Post Ltd, which include the creation of an e-commerce unit for revenue improvement. “It will soon be followed by the launch of a mobile application which will facilitate the tracking of parcels and letters. In addition, the imminent opening of a new warehouse in Pailles reinforces the commitment to modernization and improvement of services. »

Furthermore, Minister Balgobin announced an extension of the closing time of post offices to 3:30 p.m. to accommodate postal transactions from the public. “The implementation of automatic cards in post offices will facilitate card payments and improve the services offered. » He highlighted the evolution from traditional post offices to modernized offices in the country.

On the occasion of the next World Post Day which will be celebrated on October 9, various activities will take place including the unveiling of a first day envelope dedicated to the commemoration of extinct Mauritian wildlife, the official inauguration of a new post office in Rivière-Noire, the launch of a mobile van service in Route Bassin, Quatre-Bornes and the introduction of metro cards, now available in all post offices in Mauritius. Additionally, certificates will be awarded to approximately 150 employees who have completed several courses in collaboration with the Civil Service College.

The Mauritius Post Ltd has been operational since 1772 during the French colonial period. It operates in 114 other post offices across the country, five in Rodrigues and one in Agalega.

Text by Le Mauricien

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