Heavy rains: more than half of southern plantations affected

3 weeks, 3 days ago - November 09, 2023
Heavy rains: more than half of southern plantation
If facing the dry period, heavy rains are beneficial to our reservoirs, this is not the case for plantations, especially for the southern region and the central plateau.

The Small Planters Association announces an increase in the price of vegetables in the coming days.

“60% to 70% of plantations were affected in the south,” specifies the spokesperson for small planters, Kripalloo Sunghoon.

A large part of the seeds were washed away by the water, and excess water is harmful to the roots of certain plants, he explains. “It’s a fatal blow for investments,” he maintains.

On the balance, we cannot rule out a shortage of vegetables on the market in the days to come. “A shortage will automatically drive up prices,” he warns.

Thus, tomatoes, fine herbs, eggplant, turban squash or even peppers, affected by heavy rains, may experience an increase in prices, unlike fruits such as bananas or mangoes.

Text by Le Mauricien

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