Subsidized colleges: Tuition fees charged to foreign students

3 weeks, 2 days ago - November 10, 2023
Subsidized colleges: Tuition fees charged to...
Foreigners residing in Mauritius and whose children attend state-subsidized schools must pay school fees. This was recalled by the Private Secondary Education Authority (PSEA) in a circular letter dated October 31.

The decision to charge foreign students had already been taken in 2018 and the heads of establishments had been informed of it. In the new directive, the PSEA indicates that from the 2024 school year there will be more rigorous control on this subject.

Thus, colleges having admitted students of foreign nationality are requested to send the following documents to the PSEA no later than November 10: work permit of parents, residence permit of parents and child, PSAC certificate or the equivalent validated by the National Equivalence Council, birth certificate and passport of the student, passports of the parents, a letter from the College Manager specifying the date of admission of the student and the last receipt of payment made to the PSEA.

The amount of tuition set for foreign students is Rs 350 per month for Grades 7 to 9; Rs 450 for Grades 10 and 11 and Rs 550 for Grades 12 and 13. The money must be collected by the college which will remit it to the PSEA at the end of each term. A representative of the establishment must travel to the PSEA office for this purpose.

Furthermore, it is also specified, in the circular, that PSEA officers will carry out visits to subsidized private colleges, for inspections concerning foreign students.

Text by Le Mauricien

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