Purchased by the SICOM: The Tower Gooljaury Illegal

9 years, 4 months ago - February 11, 2013
Records relating to the allocation of 18 land lease, including one on an area of 12 acres, which went missing in BPML

The acquisition of Tower Gooljaury by SICOM, the President of the Board is Mr. Kushal Lobine and CEO Karuna Devi Obeegadoo at a cost of Rs 600 million back in the news. First, the project proponent, Rakesh Gooljaury business partner Nandanee Soornack has not obtained all necessary permits to start work on the construction of the lot 46C at the heart of the Ebene CyberCity with the neighbor CyberTower first. The hare was raised at the council of Quatre-Bornes by Councillor Remake of 2000 Reza Gunny at the end of last week.

The committee's report on Bachoo below the allocation of land leased to the cyber Business Parks of Mauritius Limited (BPML), meanwhile, reported possibilities of Speculative Opportunities Unwanted Transfer (phrase used on page 8 of the report dated July 4, 2011). This committee is chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Infrastructure also refers to "dubious transactions with the connivance of BPML Management."

Since the end of last week, the City Council of Quatre-Bornes, responsible for the supervision of all urban development, in the region of Ebony, studying the remedies available to restore compliance with the regulations governing Construction Permits . Indeed, following a written arrest advisor MMM Reza Gunny at the council meeting, confirmation was obtained that the promoter Gooljaury Tower has not received a statutory authorizations, namely Clearance the Traffic Management and Road Safety Unit (TMRSU) for the start of construction of this tower of 15 levels.

The information provided to the council are obtaining this permit the TMRSU remains a condition "prior to start Any construction." The absence of this license was checked during an inspection by officials of the Inspectorate of the Municipality of Quatre-Bornes on the construction site last Wednesday. Reporting this information, the weekly Weekend adds that "an ex-post control was Effected on 06/02/2013 by then inspectorate staff of the Land Use and Planning Division and it was Observed That HAS started construction work on site . The Site Manager was however Unable to give a copy of the clearance from TMRSU and resquested to contact the promoter for same. The promoter has-beens and Contacted to Produce Requested same. "


The option of Stop Order

One option being considered by the Municipality of Quatre Bornes is using a Stop Order on the work in progress at the Tower Gooljaury pending receipt of the Clearance TMRSU. However, on 12 August 2011, almost a year before the signing of the deed of sale for future completion state (VEFA) with SICOM, heads of Arushi Development Co. Ltd.. had been formally informed of the importance of licensing of TMRSU prior work (see facsimile of the document).

During the formal submission of plans Gooljaury Tower, designed by Morphos Architects, dated May 25, 2011, the Business Parks of Mauritius Limited drew attention to the lack Rakesh Gooljaury permit the TMRSU folder . "You Would however be required to Obtain a clearance from the Traffic Management and Road Safety Unit" had summoned K. Gujadhur on behalf of the Executive Director of BPML in a letter dated 12 August 2011.

In view of developments in the Municipality of Quatre Bornes last week, proponents Gooljaury Tower would not respond to this request on 12 August 2011. The Municipality of Quatre Bornes issued a Building and Land Use Permit, with the reference to the name Arushi SERV/OO72/2011 Development Limited 8 March 2012 when he also lacked the file submitted Clearances from the Central Electricity Board , the Central Water Authority and the Waste Water Management Authority. Control of these licenses is the responsibility of BPML.

Regardless of the corrective measures that take into account the Municipality of Quatre Bornes against promoters Gooljaury Tower, councilors have expressed their intention to return to the load on the matter of lack of permit. Commenting on this, the Gunny advisor noted that "in many cases, residents of the city are denied the granting of a license because of a missing detail, as simple as it is. We will ask the administration the number of cases pending with residents penalized then this is not the case with Arushi Development. "

For its part, the opposition leader and MMM Alan Ganoo made a new exhibit in the Tower Saga Gooljaury with excerpts from the report of the committee chaired by Anil Bachoo on Infrastructural Development BY BPML to Ebony and Rose -Belle. Denunciations against the overwhelming current practices in BPML, signed by the VPM Bachoo and colleagues Ministers Abu Kasenally Deva Virahsawmy, Tassarajen Chedumbrum Pillay and Nando Bodha, were classified and placed in a drawer since July 4, 2011.


Unilateral decisions

Bachoo ministerial committee has reached a series of observations some more overwhelming than others to the light of scrutiny records BPML or

- A comprehensive analysis of all lease agreements of land with an area of 152.24 acres total allocated to private interests by the government "for a close verification of the details and the reconciliation of data";

- Lack of policy and procedures for land allocation exercise lease with consequent "It could be ascertained Whether or not the studs HAD beens Allocated to deserving applicants and you MOST The entire process inherently Appears to Have Been unfair, unaccountable and unjudicious "

- Unwanted changes in the names of companies benefiting from the allocation of land lease with in no fewer than 24 cases, including one covering an area of land to lease 12 acres and most of the other between one and two acres, Letters of Intents issued to the name of a specific company and lease agreements drawn up on behalf of another entity. Given this state of things, the ministerial committee, chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister Bachoo, condemns the fact that " the assignment of lease prompted unwanted opportunities for speculative transfer and the BPML should have included in the lease agreements, specific conditions to prevent abuses. In the light of circumstances surrounding certain cases of assignment, it would appear that dubious transactions were being undertaken with the connivance of BPML Management";

- Three major issues of the lease, including one on a plot of 12 acres, are not found in the archives of the BPML with no ability to track data surrounding the allocation of these lands. The committee Bachoo stigmatizes the total absence of monitoring by the BPML in these cases while recommending that the police seized of this matter for criminal investigations;

- Non-compliance with the conditions imposed in the lease, the maximum period of 24 months from the signing of documents for the construction of buildings intended as " a breach of the conditions of the lease agreement should therefore invariably entail the redemption of the lease " The Committee, noting that in at least 18 cases for lease agreements occurred in 2004, the promoters did not (in 2011) started work on the site, denounced that " the wishful blindness adopted by BPML with regard to some of the lessees is blatantly manifest. The ministerial committee therefore condemns the inconsistent and arbitrary approach that has been adopted by BPML in this matter ";

- Land taken in 2009 by BPML are reallocated to developers " in an arbitrary manner and without clear established criteria " and without any exercise of public bidding;

- Unilateral decisions endorsed by BPML in May 2010 for seven beneficiaries of land that had not complied with the terms of the lease allowing them to transform the land into parking fee instead of taking possession of the land.

In conclusion, the Committee remains very critical against Bachoo how to Executive Chairman of BPML, accused of having contributed to the deterioration of the situation and recommend non-renewal of his contract. But so far the government has not taken any decision on the basis of the recommendations of that Committee submitted there will soon be two years.


Text by Le Mauricien

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