Plaine-Corail: financial contribution of $184 million from the WB and $16 million from the EU

8 months, 3 weeks ago - October 04, 2023
Plaine Corail airport, Rodrigues

Plaine Corail airport, Rodrigues

The project to extend the landing strip at Plaine-Corail airport, Rodrigues, is nearing completion. The World Bank approved the expansion of the airstrip and offered a financial contribution of $184 million. Likewise, the European Union is making its contribution of $16 million.

According to information, a WB mission is going to Rodrigues this week.

The French Development Agency (AFD) having withdrawn from the project, the central government had to take other steps to find financing for this project.

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday in Port-Mathurin, Chief Commissioner Johnson Roussety confirmed the news. He explained that the project was developed 100% by the regional government of the Alliance Libération. He recalled that the negotiations began after the withdrawal of the former donor, AFD, from the consortium. This is what pushed Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth to turn to the WB in order to find financing for the implementation of this large-scale project so eagerly awaited by the people of Rodrigues and tourist operators.

As part of this project, it is noted that a delegation from the World Bank visited Rodrigues to take stock of the situation.

Johnson Roussety wanted to thank the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance for the outcome of the situation. He argued that without their help and support, this project could not have been realized.

Therefore, a technical mission from the World Bank is expected in Rodrigues this week with a view to finalizing the necessary procedures for the implementation of the project.

Everything suggests that the new runway, 2.1 km long and 54 meters wide, will be able to accommodate wide-body aircraft, such as Airbus A320 Neo aircraft.

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