Incident at La Citadelle: here is the list of suspects who appeared in court yesterday

1 month, 1 week ago - October 25, 2023
Incident at La Citadelle: list of suspects
Nine of the 15 suspects involved in the sad incidents which took place at La Citadelle on Saturday evening appeared in court yesterday, Tuesday October 24.

The police having objected to their release, they were taken back to the police cell until Friday October 27, when the motion for their release on parole will be debated.

These suspects are provisionally accused of illegal assembly and damage to property by gang after they burst into this highly symbolic place in the capital at the end of a concert whose funds were to be donated to charitable non-profit associations.

They are :

  1. Irfaan Meerun, 27 years old, resident of Vallée-Pitot,
  2. Ajmal Aniff Imrit, 23, resident of Trèfles,
  3. Soowan Dorabally, 50 years old, resident of Camp-Levieux,
  4. Djibrail Munsoo, 23 years old, resident of Camp-Levieux,
  5. Tawqeer Munsoo 21 years old, resident of Camp-Levieux,
  6. Muzaffar Raeez Salauroo, 38, resident of Stanley,
  7. Ramatoolah Hossen, 43, resident of Stanley,
  8. Noormohamed Ali Hossenny, 27 years old resident of Vallée-Pitot and
  9. Ali Jameerkhan Batchkan, 38 years old resident of Terre-Rouge.

As for the two police officers arrested, they are: PC Ajmal Badiol of the Special Mobile Force (SMF) and PC Moaz Basgeet of the Lallmatie police station. Both were interviewed today by the bloodhounds of Major Crime Investigation Team (MCIT) as part of the current investigation.

Incident at La Citadelle

It was around 9.40pm on the evening of Friday October 20 when a group of hooded and armed individuals burst into La Citadelle. They brought a premature end to the concert, the proceeds of which had been donated to NGOs.  The organizers had just informed these spectators that the sum raised was Rs 600,000.

“Teign partou. Arett konser fini”, a virulent voice had to shout.  At that very moment, a wind of panic was blowing through La Citadelle. While some spectators ran out of the venue, the majority preferred to stay indoors to avoid a stampede.

Text by Inside News

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