Air Mauritius: direct flight from Mauritius to Gatwick from October 29

1 month ago - October 31, 2023
Direct flight from Mauritius to Gatwick
From Sunday on, the traveling public will be able to benefit from direct flights to London daily.

Traveling to London and vice versa by direct flight is now possible. Mauritian travelers as well as those from around the world will be able to enjoy, from this Sunday October 29, 2023, five flights every day with the launch of the new non-stop service linking Mauritius to Gatwick Airport in London for this launch . Inside.News journalist Sharone Samy is currently on site.

This direct connection offers numerous opportunities for leisure, adventure, leisure or business travel. According to Laurent Recoura, Chief Commercial Officer of Air Mauritius, this new means of air transport not only revolutionizes the way of traveling “but also offers new strategic opportunities for everyone”.

This new air service thus strengthens the position of Mauritius as an international travel hub. The Chief Commercial Officer of Air Mauritius recalled that Gatwick airport is the second busiest in the United Kingdom after Heathrow. It is easy to access London, offering a great opening to the world and vast opportunities for the traveling public.

Scheduled for Sunday October 29, 2023, this direct connection offers many exciting opportunities for travelers seeking adventure, leisure or business. According to Laurent Recoura, Chief Commercial Officer of Air Mauritius, this new market not only brings a plus for the airline but also makes life easier for the traveling public.

“So why Gatwick? I have to say that there was a lot of speculation, except that it was necessary to test market demand. Three flights a week is not easy, the English market deserves better, that’s why we decided to head to Gatwick, because there are plenty of opportunities and growth,” he points out.

Text by Inside News

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