Whitedot: the Network of Pastor to Millions Targeted

10 years, 7 months ago - April 23, 2013
Whitedot: the Network of Pastor to Millions Target
The investigation of the Central CID on financial frauds with an injury a little over Rs 1 billion currently trying to deepen the network list of pastors to millions with new turn started since the end of last week.

Thus, after interrogation Beemal Bissessur and Sanjeev Lutchoomun considered to be very close to some religious organizations in police custody for the past four weeks, Pastor Vijay Appadoo was summoned for questioning Under Warning with probably a provisional charge of Conspiracy to conclude this year.

Meanwhile, tandem Vuddamalay / Jangi increase pressure on Sanjeev Lutchoomun to find traces of Rs 640 million collected from customers of White Dot International Consultancy Ltd. On the other hand, a memo dated January 10 and addressed to the Financial Advisers (canvassers) of Sunkai Co Ltd sheds new light on the organization and management in the investment company operating illegally.

With information made in the case against those responsible for the investigation of the Central CID are convinced that the main leaders WhiteDot International Consultancy Ltd benefited from the "moral suasion" they have as preachers to abuse the credulity their customers. It is becoming increasingly clear that a common element emerges between two of the main suspects, Sanjeev Lutchoomun and Beemal Bissessur and much customer duped. Namely, belonging to a well-structured religious organization.

A new step in the confirmation of the "runway inscrutable ways" was reached this morning with the arrest of Vijay Appadoo pastor, whose name circulates as a client investor canvasser and since the outbreak of the financial scandal at the end of last month. The decision to proceed with the examination of this pastor follows the details provided by the suspects and agents around Sanjeev Lutchoomun. But by mid-day, very few details have leaked out of the hearing Warning Under this religious man.

Moreover, the Central CID is interested in all computer files and also the hard drives of computers and laptops belonging or under the control of Sanjeev Lutchoomun. The aim is to compile information may include the Audit Trail hired to recover a sum of Rs 640 million, representing investments of approximately 1860 WhiteDot clients. The involved principal investigators confirmed the latter information.

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To date, only an amount of Rs 1 million in cash was recovered on behalf of WhiteDot International Consultancy Ltd. There are still fifty cars, which have been placed in receivership by the police on the orders of the Assets Forfeiture Office under the supervision of the Director of Public Prosecutions Office.

Upcoming Sanjeev Lutchoomun’s interrogation sessions focused on recovered its computers by IT specialists Unit of the police data are considered crucial to the result of this investigation. It will provide additional information on companies like La Napoletana in Mauritius or other companies abroad.

Sunkai Co Ltd, guidelines for Financial Advisers, the official title of canvassers in the form of memorandum dated Friday, January 11 last, are instructive in more ways than one on the internal organization. Signed by Robert Chuttoo, this document confirms that a man named Dom now, is the so-called Dominique Nasoormamode, an employee of a major commercial bank, the inspector Bhunjun and former constable Rambharuth, are be part of the Top Management Sunkai Co Ltd..

This memorandum also confirmed that negotiations with a company engaged in wine bottling operations were well underway and the commission rates for Financial Advisers would invariably be 2% of the funds collected, except the 10% granted to top management including Dominique Nasoormamode, Inspector Bhunjun, Robert Chutoo and former police Rambharurth. The role of Bimla Ramloll, aka Ms. Kaba, was also identified in this communication.

All members of the top management Sunkai Co Ltd have already been questioned and charged by the Central CID except Dominique Nasoormamode, who has already left the countries with members of his family to Canada. Dominique Nasoormamode was, it seems, the Portfolio Manager of the largest customers Sunkai Co Ltd, providing investment management of VIPs and not least.

Pending confirmation of a hypothetical international arrest warrant against Dominique Nasoormamode, the question is where are the Rs 90 million under its control or if these VIPs customers have been reimbursed after the arrest of Ms. Kaba Friday, March 29. No confirmation one way or another ...


Text by Le Mauricien

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