White Dot And Sunkai: Sale of Assets

10 years, 6 months ago - May 30, 2013
White Dot And Sunkai: Sale of Assets
Ten weeks after the start of the multi-pronged investigation by the Central CID on financial scams (Ponzi Schemes), the damage could reach Rs 2 billion, a new phase is about to be initiated.

Indeed, the Asset Recovery Unit of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), led by Mr. Rashid Amin, Senior Assistant DPP is currently finalizing files White Dot International Consultancy Co. Ltd.. and Sunkai Co. Ltd.. to solicit Judge's Orders for the auction of assets seized and treated as Proceeds of Crime.

In this perspective, a squad of officers to the Assets Recovery Unit conducted a raid in the morning at La Napoletana to Barracks Street in Port Louis for finding places. In addition, the headquarters of the Central CID, took place yesterday morning, a confrontation between the couple Chidambaram, who invested between Rs 30 and Rs 40 million, and Marjorie Bazerque, director of Je T'Aime Marketing Co. Ltd. and Emidore Trading Co. Ltd..

Information obtained by Le Mauricien’s reliable sources indicate that the Asset Recovery Unit, which has already obtained a series of Restraining Orders and Freezing Orders against the assets of the main suspects indicted by the Central CID, is preparing to initiate proceedings in the Supreme Court for the sale of these assets. Official sources say that the first Judge's Orders to this effect could be implemented from next July in accordance with the provisions of the Asset

Recovery Act.

The assets of the company Sunkai Co.Ltd.., whose main responsibility is Bimla Ramloll, aka Ms. Kaba, could be the first to make the auction in order to recover funds for victims compensation object. Thus, the yacht Your Dreams Travel, under the control of the National Coast Guard (NCG) in Flic-en-Flac, both cars on behalf of the couple Ramloll receivership to the police, three apartments and a piece of land Trianon, Blue Bay and Flic-en-Flac, will be placed on sale at the bar by order of the Supreme Court.

Also in the case of Sunkai Co. Ltd.., 368 Office checks and other bank checks worth Rs 128 million seized during the arrest of Ms. Kaba Friday, March 29, could be returned to clients Sunkai Co. Ltd.. who had issued. So far, following a sustained before the judge in chambers by the Assets Recovery Unit application, these checks were paid into an account with the Bank of Mauritius on behalf of the Commissioner of Police as these funds were considered Proceeds of Crime. But the latest news, a change could occur with the amounts of the checks made on behalf of these clients. The downstream end of the Supreme Court to impose the disbursement of the money seized.

Audit Trail

In the case of White Dot International Consultancy Co. Ltd., Exercising auction looks more developed considering the variety of foreclosed properties. To this end, officials of the Asset Recovery Unit reopened the restaurant La Napoletana in Port Louis, sealed off from Wednesday, March 27 when the scandal broke in financial scams. The purpose of this exercise is to establish an inventory of all the objects, furniture and restaurant equipment to be sold soon. The same team will travel to other subsidiaries of the Napoletana across the island, including in Grand Baie, for the same purpose.

In addition to the cookware and other serving dishes, Asset Recovery Unit will rely on the sale of 11 motorcycles used in the distribution of orders of pizza and almost sixty new cars also entered the name of White Dot International Co. Ltd. . Two portions of land belonging to suspects involved in Ponzi Schemes and 56 bank accounts amounting to Rs 11 million are involved in this stage of recovery of assets of White Dot International Consultancy Co. Ltd.. Sunkai after step.

In the case of the third survey, carried out by the dedicated to Marjorie Bazerque, companies very few assets have been traced so far even if the audit trail is still being online. The sleuths of the Central CID suspect that word down a sum of Rs 250 million was diverted by Marjorie Bazerque system.

Thus, in the morning yesterday, the former Chief Executive Officer of Air Mauritius and his wife, notary Rajalutchmee Chidambaram made the trip to the headquarters of the Central CID to participate in a confrontation with Marjorie Bazerque, always police custody. The couple Chidambaram invested in funds lost between Rs 30 and Rs 40 million in companies Bazerque Marjorie, who had used her maiden name, Gilberte allet in these dealings.

The Central Barracks, informed sources confirmed that the investigation into financial scams is about to be closed. No less than five other suspects, mostly officers Sunkai Co. Ltd.., Will be arrested within the next week before the final report to the DPP is written. The number of suspects indicted should rise above 70 while the number of companies has reached 54 so far.


Text by Le Mauricien

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