Agaléga – the PM: “We benefit from India’s helping hand to monitor our Exclusive Economic Zone”

4 weeks, 1 day ago - November 04, 2023


“We benefit from India’s helping hand in monitoring our Exclusive Economic Zone.'" These are the words of the Prime Minister Thursday. He participated in the inauguration of a sports complex in Esperance alongside Shri Vellamvelly Muraleedharan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs of India.

To a question from the press, Pravind Jugnauth was to point out that the country continues to benefit from collaboration with India in order to detect any cases of illegal fishing in our waters.

The head of government also had to recall that the construction of an airstrip and a pier in Agaléga was necessary. “This will allow people to get there safely. It will be easier to unload the goods. Passengers can be disembarked at the dock. They will not have to take small canoes,” pointed out the Prime Minister.

Pravind Jugnauth also responded to criticism of a military base there. " Military base? Do you know why they say military base? They say military base because of the military planes that will be able to land there. But Mauritius? Do you know how many military planes we have granted permission to land? There are military planes that land every year. "

As for the agreement with the great peninsula, Pravind Jugnauth reiterates the fact that both parties must give their approval before making this agreement public. “If India agrees, yes, I have no problem,” replied the PM.

The latter also recalled that Mauritius benefited from Rs 400 million to finance several projects across the country. “This money will be used for the entire population,” underlined Pravind Jugnauth.

For his part, Shri Vellamvelly Muraleedharan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs of India was also to explain that the two countries are engaged in a new partnership for the financing of certain projects.

Text by Le Mauricien

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